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About SchoolWizard

School wizard is a scientifically-driven technique that analyses and enhances the inbred capabilities of the younger generation. Beyond the spectrum of education lie native abilities. We live in a modern digitally driven world thriving for individuality and uniqueness. It is possible only through fostering and reflecting the exceptional aptitudes in oneself. Apart from basic school lessons, a critical sum up of aptitudes is a requisite. This not only makes a child stand out among the crowd and shine in their aura but also boosts the confidence with unmatchable upshots.

  • To precisely state the innate aptitudes in every child
  • To emphasize the inimitable identity one possesses
  • Recognizing the veiled aptitudes, guide through the right track and opens to opportunities globally
  • To map down the child’s abilities and aptitudes before channelizing their aspirations

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Need for SchoolWizard App

Parenting is one important aspect beyond generations. With digitized technologies and the creatively distinct world, every child needs to be competitive enough to mark their presence among the potential age group. It is a quintessential requisite to set their standards with respect to their capabilities. A deep- end analysis of their abilities would be a benchmark for the precise upbringing with a focused plan of action.

  • Identification of core proficiencies
  • Precise guidelines on personality enhancement
  • Distinguishes the strengths and weakness
  • Prompt alerts on scholarships and other opportunities
  • Timely engagement with school and teachers
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How it works?

It is a user-friendly free platform offering easy sign-up and usage

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Step 1

Sign in with your KYC

Download the free platform and sign in with all essential information. Validate the details before uploading to the platform.

Step 2

Enrolls into an assessment Test

An elaborate profile is built upon the child by inputs from parents

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Step 3

Analyses and provides Recommendation

SchoolWizard analyses the abilities and aptitudes and provides an exhaustive report grounded on the inputs and run recommendations for a suitable path

Step 4

Streamline scholarships and other activities for your child

Updates about scholarships and other activities to enhance the child’s inert abilities

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Step 5

Connects with Parents and updates on achievements

A clear end communication with parents and keep them informed on the child’s achievements and overall progress.

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