SchoolWizard FAQs

1. What is SchoolWizard?

SchoolWizard App is a scientifically-driven AI-based application that analyses and enhances the inbred capabilities of the younger generation. The application discovers your child’s interests and inborn life skills based on series of scientific tests.

2. What are the different age groups applicable in SchoolWizard?

SchoolWizard caters to a wide range of ages, ranging from 6-15 years, with age categories such as 6-9, 10-12, and 13-15.

3. How can I reach out to customer support?

The customer support of SchoolWizard is accessible in the “Help and Support” section of the menu in the mobile application. You can raise a query anytime, and our team will respond within 48 hours.

4. Is KYC required for SchoolWizard?

Yes, KYC is mandatory for the application as SchoolWizard strives to have authentic users on the platform to provide a seamless experience for all users. KYC can be completed online and offline, with online verification available instantly, while offline verification takes seven days.

5. How do I purchase a subscription?

The user can purchase a subscription from the “Subscription Plans” section in the mobile application via secure payment gateway.

6. How do I change my subscription plan?

Clicking on the 'Change Plan' option will allow the user to change the current subscription plan. With the change plan option, users can choose a different plan through a secure payment gateway and activate the new plan at that time/after the existing subscription expires.

7. What happens when the subscription expires?

Validity of the SchoolWizard Subscription plan is for 1-year from the date of purchase. Once the plan expires, the premium features of the SchoolWizard App become inaccessible. The Subscriber is supposed to renew the subscription plan to continue using the premium features of the application.

8. How do I access the product marketplace?

You can access the Product Marketplace from the “Products and Services” option in the SchoolWizard App. Various sets of products and services, catered for the K-12 (3-15 years) category can be accessed and purchased here.

9. On what basis, product recommendations are displayed?

Product recommendations depends on the answers inputted by each child and based on the evaluation of those answers, products are recommended for that particular child

10. Refund Policy?

Refund is not applicable for Subscription Plans on the SchoolWizard App. For a refund of Products and Services, kindly contact the SchoolWizard Support Team at

11. What is a Transformational Coach?

A Transformational Coach provides children with a direct, lived experience of the reality they have created that empowers them to shift their current paradigm to make way for what they desire. Transformational coaching aims to provide a helping hand to identify and recognize individual abilities over the course of the journey.